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Old 05-22-2017
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This is what appears to be a finely done Alpine. Yes, there are a few "incorrect" elements to it, but very easily made correct with minimal expenditure. Colored gas tanks? So, put the side panels on, and done deal.

I personally would like to see everyone that sells an Alpine set their price where it "should be" (Where it Should Be is just my opinion) We have fantastic little automobiles with exceptional styling and performance compared to many of the other brands.

Don't know how many of you have restored one of these, but I've got $17 into mine not counting any kind of labor. And someone wants to buy it for $10? This ain't no MGB. (Alright, not belittling the MGB.) Well, maybe a little.

Good for you, hope you get your price.
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Old 05-22-2017
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Default Not For Sale!

I've had Folks ask me what do I want for my '67 Commodore Blue back when it had the new re-built 1725.... I basically said "Not For Sale".... Meaning I had no intentions of getting rid of all that money spent and my labors (that is labor of love). It can not be recovered

I did however quickly say it would have to bring around $25K if it did go from me to whomever. One gent ( a Doctor followed me into the local NAPA Dealer and wanted it for his Dad. I told him there were a lot of them for sale on the SAOCA Forum, that mine was "Not for Sale" even at the $25K or more. You guys can understand hopefully what I am saying. I just was not ready to go thru that labor again just yet?

Then, now with the V6, at least another 8-10K.... Doesn't matter what someone or anyone has to say about THAT BEING TOO MUCH TO ASK

It is the Seller's! If you want it, haggle, spit and stutter, walk away or pay the price.

I like to purchase at my price of course, most all folks do, but there comes a time that you will not get it at your price.

Our Sunbeams are sold sometimes below and above their true value. Demand determines price. Desire determine purchase.

Ain't it great?

Keep'em on-the-road,

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Old 05-24-2017
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My 2 cents.

We, the owners set the selling price of these autos. I think it is great that there are Alpines being offered in the $20k range. I bought a daily driver in the $4k range, and have since spent another $12k to get it back into good shape. I wouldn't sell it for less than $16 now and once the body is finished, I'd be looking for $22k. Please, don't sell the good cars too cheap.
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