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Attached is a picture of my bolts/washers. There wasn't even a question of using them again!

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Originally Posted by pruyter View Post
I agree with you Bill Blue and after using aerospace bolts and fasten them with Locktite 262 and no washers at all. Tab washers should not be needed. I did re-use them as a matter of special security and more so because it concerned not my Alpine but the one of my brother and in the case of a possible failure I was surely not interested in some negative comments like "you should have used the tab washers".
I wouldnt reuse the stock washers under any circumstance, they are dead soft and need to be in order to be able to deform them as that type of lock.
Its the deformation of the washer under stress that causes the failure, reuse is about the worst thing that can be done.

I would use a proper ground grade 8 washer and the loc-tite and never worry again.
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I agree to remove all locking plates.
Be careful not to use a thick washer, because thats less threads into the carrier. I don't use any washers, I just tighten & using the "red" (strongest) thread locking liquid. Either way is fine
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If it was me I'd be using the AN/NAS bolts with a thin an washer and probably safety wire them!
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Originally Posted by Ken Ellis View Post
I think the issue is not Grade 8 or not, it's fitment.

The 1/4" of shoulder is required to get a good uniform bearing for each bolt around the ring. Many store-bought Grade 8 bolts that short are threaded all the way to the head, which means the ring gear would be bearing on points of thread instead of a continuous surface.

While bolt strength is important, the main issue is the elimination of play.

The bolts called out above are both short, tough (which is sometimes better than hard), and have a short un-threaded segment at the head. All good, except they're slightly too long, and would bottom out. Can't stack up washers, so you have to trim. I used my milling machine, and they cut pretty easily. I did end up using hard flat washers, and red Loc-tite to finish out the repair. Pending install, though...
Good info, Thanks
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