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Default Series V Hard top part

Alright I don't know what this is called but I need least one in better shape than the one I have. (Mine has all three bolts busted off in it)

It is the passenger side, chrome, slide in, connector with stud that fits into the chrome trunk hinges and holds the Hard top actually on the car from the back.

Let me know,
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That is called the "thing-a-ma-jig" that holds the hard top to the rear boot hinges.

If you have a decent machine shop in town, they should be able to tap those broken studs out. These thing-a-ma-jigs are solid brass and fairly easy to work with.

Don't think I have one but I'll look. Last ones I had I went through the same thing. Hard to get these free without breaking a couple off.
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C'mon Paul, it's British, it's a thing-a-ma-Bob Everyone knows that.
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Default I have an extra Right Hand one.


Just purchased a Hard top for my 1965 Series V and have started to look for the parts that I need for the restoration.
I have an extra RH "Thing a ma Jig" as you will note that they are handed.
Didn't notice when I purchased it that they where both RH pcs.
I am looking for an extra LH one of these as I would like to have a stock parts vs having to fabricate one.
I know its been a few months since you asked, just wondering, is the one in the picture the one you need as it is a RH part or the opposite side?

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Default Hard top Locator Block

Did you ever find this part?
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