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Love your suggestions, Ken. However, it is a bit easier than you imagined as I am building a new engine on an engine stand. No need to worry about the inconvenience of the car itself. However, at these torque values (150 + ft/Lbs), one needs to be careful not to tip over the engine stand itself!
Mike Youngblood
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Old 2 Days Ago
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Originally Posted by mamoose124 View Post
Thanks, Don, for the information. I took a look at my WSM and sure enough, the information is there. Too bad they don't reference it in the section on torque specs. They also say " A new lockwasher must always be used when refitting the "jaw nut" Moreover, in the second paragraph above they indicate that a ". . . thick steel washer (Part No. 1208868) must be fitted between the pulley and the jaw nut lock washer." My engine had no steel washer or lock washer behind the jaw nut. So now I am worried that I need to find these two items which I am sure are no longer available. Do you have any idea where I might find these? I doubt that just using some common steel washer and lock nut would be advisable.

The description in WSM 124 concerning a "lock washer" is about a tab washer with bendable tabs to mechanically lock the jaw nut into place - NOT a spring type washer. If you are using the later type jaw nut which can be wrenched with a deep well socket, that jaw nut may not require the flat washer and tab washer. I seem to recall that jaw nut is all steel with a large round flange that mates to the damper. If so, then there is no place that a tab washer can mechanically use to lock the nut in place and the flange could make the flat washer redundant. I would consider using some blue type non permanent "lock-tight" instead though. If you are using just a bolt instead of a jaw nut, then yes you should use a large hardened flat washer
and suitable spring or locking type washer. The only problem is to maintain enough thread engagement without bottoming the bolt - achieving apparent torque but leaving the damper loose.

Hope these thoughts are helpful.
Have fun, Don

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