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Old 09-19-2016
jdoclogan jdoclogan is offline
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I appreciate the birthday acknowledgements. My birth-day was spent flying over 2000 miles across the country to look at a replica - recreation - or as I term it a "tooled copy" of the 1966 GT40 110 alloy roadster. It has many original parts and is a 99% copy of only 5 or 6 original (depending on who you speak with) GT40 alloy roadsters built. Recently there was an additional recreation in an alloy tub/fiberglass skin built that appeared at Pebble Beach this past month. The sad news on this tooled car is my friend passed away before he could complete it. The positive news is he never called it the original GT40 110 X1. In fact he went to great lengths to avoid scammers that wanted him to claim it was the original GT40 110 X1 that Ken miles won the 1966 12 hours Sebring race. While my friend was very skilled and meticulous with the build he created obvious signs on the sculpture indicating it was not the original. To have such integrity and grace in our most cherished passion of sports cars can only make the heart feel the warmth of praise for such people within our car hobby community.
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Old 09-19-2016
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Default A rare fine....

to have a "friend" of such caliber.

Doc, keep the memories fresh,

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Old 09-20-2016
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Harrington Jan Harrington Jan is offline
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I "like"...
Jan Iggbom - Balsta, Sweden
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Old 09-20-2016
65beam 65beam is offline
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Default rebody

Are there no other rebodied Harringtons in the states or other countries ? If there are rebodies have they been documented as rebodies and if they have been sold were the new owners told they are rebodies?
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Old 09-20-2016
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alpine_64 alpine_64 is offline
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I know of revised Harringtons but am quite sure the owners were informed, as they didn't switch the VIN and SAL tags, so the donor car was not hidden.

The Avery car is a particular issue beyond a normal reboot as it is claiming significant race history .... We know you don't get this Bob..or just choose to be argumentative for the sake of it.. but it's fraud... Something you also seem to be lenient towards especially for financial gain.
Michael King
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