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Old 10-04-2014
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What do you mean "Procraft Adapter?

How did you modify your hubs to five lugs?

'67 SV Commodore Blue 2.8 V6/T5/Heat &Air
'67 SV The Green1 2.8 V6/T5/Heat & Air/Power Steering
'65 SIV GT BigRed 4.0 V6 BW35 (A4LD Automatic) Heat&Air/Power Steering

All have my designed V6 Components & Straightback Headers Plus the Green1 & BigRed have my Electrical Power Steering (EPS).

'65 SIV ST OD Colour Code 70 Maroon
'63 P1800 Volvo
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Old 06-11-2017
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Greenwood, sc
Posts: 3,081
Default UP DATE - NEW ITEMS & PRICE SAVINGS on Conversion Components

1. A transmission mount bracket for the 2.8 V6 conversion is available for either the 4 speed manual or auto BW35 Alpines utilizing either late model Mustang T5's or Automatic transmissions such as the A4LD or C3/C4. $125.00 (Reduced from $150.00).

2. Cross link for the steering, one piece formed (not welded) with tie rod ends. $160.00
OR an option to utilize your original cross link and my Designed bolts and spacers to raise the linkage similar to the "one piece formed link referenced above with tie rod ends. $40.00
I do however recommend you replace your current bushings with new ones with a cost of approx $28.00 from SS or CS.

3. Fuel Block Plate $4.00 (reduced from $8.00 )

4. Rod, upper gas pedal for linkage to the carburetor. $ 9.00 (Reduced from $15).

5. Pilot Shaft Adapter steel with oil base bronze bushing to your T5 spec's (If needed) $70.00 (Better mouse trap up $5.00).

6. Hood release rod, connector and Knob. SV's Alpines utilize a cable in the hood release. Cables some times break and cause much difficulty in opening the hood. Earlier Models had a rod. This is as near to original as I can get it. $35.00

7. Unfortunately I have not been successful in getting a reduction in the cost of Straightback headers that are similar to the Tigers. However they are selling well.

8. In addition to reducing some of the cost, all items are powder coated at no additional cost to the buyer. The headers are raw, have an optional coating at buyers choice.


P.S. Pictures are in the PHOTO GALLERY Under Parts, Drawings and Technical for your viewing pleasure....and in DARKSIDE Gallery for the V6 conversion components. Additional information and PIC's are available upon request at: tiger 2 dan @ g mail dot com (no spaces).

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